Shipping and Returns

When Will I Get My Cape Coral Stuff?

For individual consumers, the products are made via a “print on demand” platform. This means when someone orders a product, the order is sent to a third party vendor that Brenda is working with. The vendor has Brenda’s artwork as digital files and the vendor prints (makes) the product for the consumer.

This means the products are not housed in a warehouse somewhere but instead are made to order. In turn, this means production time can be 3-5 business days for each item. So expect an order to be delivered in about 7-10 days.

It’s worth the wait to have something so unique and localized, right?

Do You Accept Returns?

Much of the artwork is produced via Print on Demand manufacturing by a third party vendor. This means the product (a tote bag, a coffee mug) is produced specifically for your order.

Please note that the products are shown as digital representations and colors may be slightly different in real life than when viewed on a screen.

Please contact us if you receive a defective item and we’ll do what I can to facilitate a refund or replacement. One way or another, we’ll make it right!

How are Shipping Rates Calculated?

The vendor that we use to make the product for you determines the shipping fee. We do not add a handling fee or mark up the rate.  We don’t make any money on shipping. It’s passed through to the consumer.