About the Artist

Brenda Boss is a self-taught Cape Coral Florida artist with a wide variety of artistic styles, mediums, textures, and subjects. Her artwork reflects her focus on color – colors that emit energy, movement, calm… always a beautiful complimentary color palette. Her philosophy, which she admits is somewhat clichéd, is that she only paints things that will bring a smile.

She is influenced by artists that have fun with their work. Her subject matter is abstract beach and ocean scenes, Florida wildlife (egrets, pelicans, owls, fish and more), abstract skies and flowers, and more. She does not limit herself to one style or genre of art.

She loves a challenge and experiments with new techniques, textures and tools. Her use of textures, metallics, palette knives and other tools make her work “pop.”

Most of her work is acrylic with a variety of textures. Her original pieces are 100% hand-made: her husband of 30 years, Dave Sage, makes her frames, gallery-wrapped canvases, panels, and helps with brainstorming. She does the “decorating” as she calls it.

They are originally from Minnesota and have lived full-time in the Cape Coral, Florida since 2004. Her work transcends styles, from whimsical, to abstract expressionism, to Florida-inspired abstract beachscapes.

For quick projects to break up a busy day, she sometimes paints pop art or funky critters that have witty eyes and smiles. Much of her work is large format and has dimension. She encourages people – “go ahead and touch it – that’s why it’s dimensional!”.

She has sold original art pieces locally in Cape Coral, has been commissioned to create art for home interiors, has exhibited at local galleries, and has sold giclee prints and imprint products online and in retail stores.

See some of her work at Lanai-art.com.

The Story

Brenda picked up brush and paint after her mother, an artist and sculptor, passed away. Brenda brought her mother’s art supplies home thinking “just in case I ever want to give it a whirl…” even though Brenda had never painted anything before (other than walls). Several years later, Brenda now has a large in-home studio that is her “happy place.”

About This Online Store

This web site offers Brenda’s art and designs on a variety of merchandise and is focused on her artwork that reflects Cape Coral (especially burrowing owls). Consumers can shop on this store just like any other online store.

The products are made via a “print on demand” platform. This means when someone orders a product, the order is sent to a third party vendor that Brenda is working with. The vendor has Brenda’s artwork and design files and they print (or make) the product for the customer. Pretty neat.

This means the products are not housed in a warehouse somewhere but instead are made to order. In turn, this means production time can be 3-5 business days for each item. So expect an order to be delivered in about 7-10 days.

It’s worth the wait to have something so unique and localized, right? These are made in the USA products – not the generic “Cape Coral” shirts or hats with just the city name. It’s a real work of art! Let’s Go Shopping!

Are You a Local Retailer?

We offer wholesale (discounted) pricing to retailers. Please see our Wholesale page for details.

Are You Associated with a Charity?

It is a great honor for us to donate my original paintings or art products to silent auctions for local charities. I am happy to contribute artwork that fits the venue. Please contact me if you are having an event that I may be able to support. Our guidelines are that it must be an event that directly benefits people or animals in Southwest Florida.

In the News

The Cape Coral Breeze recently ran and in-depth article on Brenda’s art and her work with local retailers and consumers. Check it out!

Click here to view the article